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Most of our patients are so surprised at how comfortable and easy the procedure is. Many of them have told us that they would have done it much sooner had they known that it was so simple!

Here are some written testimonials from patients who have offered to share their personal experience with other men who are considering having a vasectomy:

“I highly recommend Dr. Jovanovic. I had my consultation in Naperville and the procedure in the Chicago location. I was very nervous the days leading up to the procedure but Dr. Jovanovic assured me that there was nothing to worry about. He was very professional. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. No pain or swelling. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in getting the procedure”
Shawn M. – Island Lake, IL

I'm blown away at how easy and pain free it was. Seriously, I walked in with that Valium keeping all my cares away. I laid down, the doc prepped my area and we were off to the races. A few minutes later I asked when he was going to start the procedure and he told me he was done. That was it, absolutely no pain and I'm 48 hours post procedure and have no pain. So if you have 10 minutes to spare, go see these guys and protect the next 18 years of your life!
Dave – Wheaton, IL

Dr. Mostowfi, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! I'm a professional athlete and could have went to practice right after the procedure that's how amazing and painless this procedure is! Dr. Mostowfi is the Best!!
Steve – Chicago, IL

Was nervous about what to expect with the procedure. During the consultation Dr. Jovanovic was great about making sure he went over everything like he had done it a million times. This put me at ease very quickly. Come day of procedure I was in and out like it was nothing. I felt nothing but the anesthetic and the procedure was over before I knew it. I'm sitting here writing this eight hours after the procedure and feel no pain. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
Joshua K. – Chicago, IL

I've been meaning to have this procedure done for YEARS! I've always known I was not interested in having kids, but it always kept getting put off. This year though I made it a priority to have the procedure done. All I can say was – don't put it off! Dr – AMAZING; office staff – kind, easy to work with; procedure – so easy I was out before I was even scheduled to have the procedure (I had arrived a bit early). I was back to work the next day, and begrudgingly I followed the rules of no working out, no cycling for 2 weeks, and also held off on sex for 5-days. 2 weeks later, body has healed up perfectly, everything is great, and I'd recommend Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago to anyone and everyone! Thank you!
Sean M. – Chicago, IL

This was the easiest procedure I have ever had done. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 it was a 1. I have not had any discomfort at all and it has been 36 hours. The bedside manner of the staff was excellent and professional. The no-needle anesthesia was not even noticeable. If you don’t have your vasectomy done this way you are crazy.
Jason S.-Yorkville, IL

I hate drs and I was so nervous and to be honest scared about doing this procedure. I’m in the law enforcement profession and have heard crazy stories of the pain my co workers went through. After having my procedure yesterday, it was 100 percent pain free and just as the dr explained it. The dr made the experience professional and at the same time not nerve racking. I read so many testimonials on how the worst part was the worrying leading up to it and that is fully true. I was done in 25 min and pain free procedure. Very impressed with this place and will highly recommend the Naperville office to anyone who asks. Only minor discomfort was a few hours after the procedure it felt like one of my kids had hit me down there but I woke up the next day feeling normal like it never happened!
David – Yorkville, IL

Dr. Mostowfi, when I asked you if it would be alright for me to play hockey, a few hours after my procedure, I really did not expect you to say yes!! Well I did play, and without any discomfort or pain. I also would like to thank you and your staff for making me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I can and will recommend Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago to anyone who is thinking of having this procedure done. It was painless, fast, and professional!! Kudos to all.
M.J. – Munster, IN

I had my procedure done with no pain at all during or after. In fact I went out for breakfast right after the procedure with my family. Dr Jovanovic did the procedure. I would highly recommend him. The staff was very friendly and answered any questions I had. Thank you I give everyone a perfect 10.
Tony – Hoffman Estates, IL

I was extremely nervous during the entire consultation, so I figured the same would hold true with the actual procedure. Not the case at all. Dr. Pete and his staff are amazing. They make you feel comfortable, they explain everything, and before you know it, your done. I can't recommend Dr. Pete and the clinic enough! Well done!
Matthew N. – Downers Grove, IL

Had the procedure done yesterday. Sure, I read the testimonials, but assumed that bad feedback was never shown on the web page – yes I’m a skeptic. Here’s the truth: pinch your arm, and that’s what it feels like when the numbing product is applied. Twelve minutes later the entire procedure is over! Felt nothing after the initial pinch. Got up from the table and walked to the car. Zero pain during and zero pain after. Walking fine, and I am amazed. Don’t believe me or the other testimonials? Email me directly mmsftl@hotmail.com
Chad I. – Spring Valley, IL

I came in very nervous and honestly quite scared of the procedure. The staff and doctor were extremely professional and made me feel comfortable thru the whole process. I hardly felt anything. Definitely didn't feel anything unbearable. The procedure was very quick as well which was nice. I highly recommend this office. Again, very professional. Knowledgeable, and made me comfortable the entire time. Thank you guys for making this procedure smooth and easing my anxiety of the procedure.
Eric – Grant Park, IL

I had many worries in the past about a vasectomy. Went to multiple consultations from other doctors. And always cancelled due to nerves. Then I met Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago. Doctor was very descriptive about the procedure and answered all my questions and worries. Procedure was super easy and done before I knew it. I wouldn’t do it any other way. No needle/no scalpel is the only way to go! Easier than going to the dentist. Never had any pain or discomfort. On a pain scale of 1-10 it was definitely a 1. Definitely a 10 star experience.
Brian – Island Lake, IL

I had it done. It was easier than going to the dentist for a cleaning; I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep, Thanks, doc.
Tom G.

Very easy and quick procedure. Everything went exactly as the doctor said it would. Staff was very friendly and attentive. Everyone was well prepared the morning of the procedure. Only some mild discomfort the night after and really I felt 100% the next day. Highest possible recommendation for these guys. There is nothing to be nervous about-go get it done!
Chris – Chicago, IL

I write this letter as a token of my appreciation and to say to others considering a vasectomy, “Put your trust in Dr. Mostowfi. He is the best in the business.” With two children of my own, my family is complete. For years I researched and considered having a vasectomy, but continually put it off out of fear and uncertainty. I thought I’d have to take off work. I thought it would be painful. When I met you and reviewed your website, all fear evaporated. Your consultation was exceptional. The procedure was over before I knew it. I was back to normal activity the next day. Eight weeks later, I’m still surprised how quick and easy the procedure was as well as the recovery period. Thank you, doc! You’re the real deal. I’ve already recommended your services to my older brother and others.
Chadd G. Wickert – Chicago, IL

I had my procedure done on a Friday evening at the Diversey office location. Directly after the 20-minute procedure, I walked across the street with my wife to get takeout food, and she bought me an ice cream sundae. There was no pain. There were no physical side effects. I rested the remainder of Friday evening, but was active on Saturday and played 18 holes on Sunday – and shot well! Dr. Mostowfi is a confident and experienced doctor. With over 2000 procedures completed, I had no doubt the process would be quick, painless and thorough. Actually, I had to ask the doctor if the procedure was over because I could not feel anything. If you have any doubts because of potential pain or discomfort, trust me, in 20 minutes you’ll be done and walking out the door with zero side effects. It might even help your golf game…
Bryan – Chicago, IL

I just had it done yesterday and wow! No problem! I got home, drank a few with the neighbors, cut my lawn, went to bed and woke up no pain, nothing. I finished working in the yard, and still no pain. I bought some Tylenol just in case, and the bottle still has the seal on it. Dr, Mostowfi is a great guy; he’ll talk to you and answer your questions – he’s just a regular kinda guy! I thought the worst, but I have gotten tattoos that have given me more grief! Thanks, doc! You’re great, and I am going to let all my pals know about you.
Bill – Oak Forest, IL

Dr. Mostowfi, I heard about the procedure when Dr. Mostowfi was on the Johnny B. show. It sounded fast, easy, and painless and so I decided to go ahead and have it done. I was amazed by how relaxed I felt in the office and how fast the procedure took. When Dr. Mostowfi told me we were done I couldn’t believe it. I had no pain at all. I had the procedure done on a Thursday afternoon and by Sunday I was out running 4 miles and 5 miles on Monday. Thank you Dr. Mostowfi
Steve R. – Algonquin, IL

Please accept this email as my 100% unconditional endorsement of your practice. Like anybody, I’m typically skeptical of many hyped “no-pain” types of advertising claims. Then I heard your ad. I’ve thought about having a vasectomy for three years, and this one sounded too good to be true. Then I checked out your excellent website – very thorough and helpful. Then I went for the initial consultation. Afterwards I had complete confidence in you and the procedure. I’m ready! Yesterday (June 13th), I had the procedure – it is truly painless and your bedside manners are impeccable. The only reason I didn’t go back to work after the procedure was because my appointment ended at 3:15 PM! So gentlemen, if your family is complete, you should look no further than Dr. Mostowfi. I wish all doctors took such a patient-centric approach to their practice! Thanks and kindest regards
Rick S. – Plainfield, IL

Obviously very nervous and anxious prior to procedure. I promise you it was painless. A couple small pinches to deliver anesthesia and that’s it. Before you know it you are out the door. Extremely satisfied. The worst part is the unknown and anticipation. Can’t thank the doc enough for such a gentle and painless experience.
Collin – Chicago, IL

Just today I had my vasectomy with Dr. Mostowfi. I recommend it to anyone considering having a vasectomy, but isn’t sure if this method is for you. I heard about Dr. Mostowfi while listening to the Score 670 AM from Chicago. I was convinced after listening to his ad and checking out his website that I wanted to have him perform my operation. I live in Iowa City, Iowa and no doctors in Iowa perform the no needle no scalpel procedure. It was well worth my 3-hour drive to get to his clinic. My wife drove me, and before we went she kept telling me that I should just do the normal procedure here in town. She told me that she didn’t understand how this could be so much better than the regular method and if something sounded too good to be true there must be something wrong with it. After checking in and talking to Dr. Mostowfi my wife was convinced that this was as good of an idea as what I had thought. Dr. Mostowfi showed us everything that was going to happen and we both felt comfortable. I was in and out in less than an hour and was back in my car heading home with another 3-hour drive ahead of me. There was absolutely no pain during or after the procedure. I felt no discomfort driving home and when I got home, I was able to go about my normal routine. This was absolutely worth the drive and I will recommend it to all my friends.
Paul R. – Iowa city, IA

Fantastic, incredible, unbelievable. Never before have I been so pleased with the outcome of the decision I made. I went into this process convinced there was going to be pain and discomfort, but I was so far from the truth – I can’t put it into words. The advertisement is 110% true. I urge everyone reading this testimonial and thinking about this procedure to schedule an appointment for a consultation. The worst part of the process was the stress I put upon myself. This procedure was the easiest thing I’ve ever done! The doctor and his staff are great. How do I buy stock in your company, and is there compensation for referrals?
H.T.C.-Oswego, IL

Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I have had my vasectomy. I feel no different, my sex life returned to normal (if not better) within a few days of the procedure, and the procedure (plus the recovery – if you can call it recovery) were so easy it seems like a distant memory. There is very little discomfort either during or after the procedure. Dr Mostowfi is very professional and makes every effort to make his patients feel relaxed and comfortable. For example, during the procedure the lights are turned low, classical music plays, and he even tucks you in under a nice warm blanket! I literally almost fell asleep during my 15 minute procedure! Do not put off having this procedure for fear of pain or embarrassment. You neither have any reason to be embarrassed nor be fearful. Go ahead and call for an appointment; you will not be sorry. I am not. I am truly a very happy patient. Thanks Dr. Mostowfi.
Dr.P – Round Lake, IL

I recently had my Vasectomy performed by Dr. Mostowfi. I really need for everyone reading to understand how apprehensive and nervous I was. I am here to tell you that the procedure was literally pain free. I probably endured more pain getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist than I did during Dr. Mostowfi’s vasectomy procedure. The friendly, relaxed office atmosphere put me at ease from the start. My work would have allotted me 10 paid days off to recuperate, but I returned to work the same night. The whole procedure was literally complete in 15 minutes and I had no pain or swelling afterward. I am truly glad that I did my homework and located Dr. Mostowfi or I am afraid that I would have had a much different story to tell as many others do. I authorized the Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago to give my number to anyone who has questions or worries about the procedure.
Michael S. – Chicago, IL

I’ve done quite a bit of research on vasectomy methods and different clinics before choosing Dr. Mostowfi. Here are my findings and the reason I chose Dr. Mostowfi’s clinic: 1. No-needle anesthesia AND No-scalpel vasectomy is the way to go. There are tons of information on this method on the internet. Biggest benefit is NO PAIN and faster recovery (I went back to work next day). After having this procedure and comparing it to others who did the traditional (needle and scalpel) method, I would, without a doubt, recommend the No-needle and No-scalpel method. 2. Dr. Mostowfi has extensive experience with vasectomy. You want to find a doctor who specializes in and has years of hands-on experience doing vasectomy. 3. Dr. Mostowfi’s clinic offered a very relaxing environment, which I felt very comfortable in. A clinic’s ambiance is key to making you relax. 4. Dr. Mostowfi was very informative and took time to answer all questions. His personality just made you feel comfortable and reassured that there was nothing to worry about. The entire procedure took 20 minutes, and pain? What pain? I did NOT even feel discomfort. Silly as it may sound, I would compare the discomfort of this procedure to brushing your teeth. I, without a doubt, recommend Dr. Mostowfi if you are considering getting vasectomy done.
Curtis C. – Huntley, IL

Wow, I had my procedure done a week ago. I walked out and my wife thought something was wrong. She was surprised to hear that it was over in 20 minutes. No pain. I have to schedule my next dentist appointment this week, I am not looking forward to that. If I could I would rather have a second vasectomy than go to the dentist.
Shane S. – Frankfort, IL

After 2 years of going to different doctors for consultations, I finally went to Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago. I had my third consultation in 2 years and set a surgery date. Twice I cancelled the surgery. All I kept hearing was terrible stories of vasectomy surgeries gone wrong. Stories of pain, month-long recoveries, etc. Finally in December 2009 (the day before my birthday) I had the surgery done. I almost cancelled the day of the surgery. All week I was thinking about cancelling, but I showed up. The doctor was the only person in the room and he made me feel very comfortable. We began talking and he began the procedure. I never felt a thing. I knew he was performing the procedure, but never once felt pain. The procedure was over in 20 minutes and I was out the door. Now, my procedure was done on a Monday at 10 am and I was back to lifting heavy weights in the gym by Wednesday morning. I had no pain, no bleeding, no discomfort. There was no need for ice or to take pain medication! I was nervous when I got home. Was it going to hurt to go to the bathroom or take a shower? Not at all. I am telling you, no pain. The only thing I had was a little bruising/tenderness at the point of entry 2-3 days after the surgery, and it only lasted 1-2 days. By Saturday I was back doing heavy legs squats in the gym. I have told everyone how easy this was. Anyone who is thinking about having this procedure done, go with Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago.
Chris B. – Batavia, IL

I literally just got home from a twenty minute painless procedure. Thanks to Sheri and the doc. This was one of the easiest things I have ever done. Doc asked me, “How are you doing? Any pain?” I said, “No, so far so good.” He said, “Good, because we’re all finished.” Incredible! I told doc, “I’m coming here once a week. I have four kids and this was the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time.” I highly recommend this procedure HERE! Thank you.
Dan C.-IL

Every guy has the same feeling when they walk into the doctor’s office for this procedure. I was no different, but I had no idea how simple and easy this was going to be. Dr. Mostowfi was excellent, answered all my questions, and the procedure was so smooth. I nearly fell asleep in the process. I was back to normal that afternoon and was able to resume my workouts and play hockey almost immediately. I highly recommend VCC.
Mark O. – Bartlett, Illinois

I can honestly say they made it a very easy and comfortable experience!
Darryl B. – Lagrange, IL

I am one of those guys that was squeamish at the thought of having a vasectomy. I was considering a traditional vasectomy when I learned about Dr. Mostowfi’s no-needle, no scalpel procedure. It sounded too good to be true. When I did research on this method, I learned that it was less invasive than the regular technique and the recovery time was much less painful and quicker. Dr. Mostowfi’s consultation put me at ease and he answered all my questions. I was very comfortable during the procedure, and I was very impressed with Dr. Mostowfi’s skill as a surgeon. The surgery was over before I knew it. I was more surprised by the recovery. The next day I had no marks, scars, swelling, or pain from the surgery. I was AMAZED at the results. I would encourage any guy considering this procedure to go to Dr. Mostowfi and have it performed by him. You will not regret it. Thank you doctor for a tremendous experience.
Kevin M.-St. Anne, IL

Pete Z.-Chicago, IL

As for my testimonial, there is not one thing I can add that has not been said much better by the other patients. Dr. Mostowfi and all his staff are outstanding in every way and the procedure as advertised exactly how it works – painless and flawless. Thank you, doc and to your staff.
Aaron B.-Streator, IL

Had the procedure today, and I feel good. It took about 20 minutes and it started on time. I wasn’t waiting in the waiting room for hours and there was no pain. If I had known it was this easy and that my insurance covered it, I would’ve done it long ago. The doctor and staff are nice and very professional, I recommend this office highly.
Vince A.- Matteson, IL

As a married father of three I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Mostowfi for his professionalism, skill, and wonderful bedside manner. Just as advertised there was no pain or discomfort at any time from start to finish (around 15 minutes), and I truly enjoyed my conversation with the doctor during the procedure. No needle anesthesia is the way to go. Pinch the skin on your arm lightly. No worse than that. Recovery was great. Nothing more than a little tenderness for a few days. I took Tylenol maybe twice the first day, but honestly could have probably been just as comfortable without it. I could have gone back to work the day after but figured I only get to do this once in my life so I treated myself to an extra day off. The only negative part of the whole process was my self-induced worry and anxiety leading up to “V-Day.” It was totally unnecessary. Dr. Mostowfi’s technique should be described as No Needle, No Scalpel, and No Worries. Seriously guys! If your family is complete, no scalpel and no needle vasectomy is the only way to go and Dr. Mostowfi is the guy to do it.
Marshall M.-Bourbonnais, IL

The procedure was everything I was told it was: fast and pain-free. I have friends that have gone through more traditional procedures, and some had real horror stories. When an office coworker told me about this procedure, and came back to work the same day he had it done, I was convinced. Guys in the office couldn’t believe that I too was back to work the next day. The only thing that kept me coming from in that same day was the snow.
John H. – Naperville, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, I wanted to personally thank you for everything that you do. Originally I was apprehensive about having the procedure done but after your personal consultation and instructions I felt comfortable going through with the procedure. The day of the procedure I was a little anxious as I believed that there would be some understated pain involved. I could not believe that after 15 minutes of enjoyable conversation that the procedure was complete. I had no pain during or after the procedure. I also want to note that as a healthcare practitioner that Dr. Mostowfi is very personal/professional and has an excellent bedside manner. Thanks again Dr. Mostowfi.
Chris W.-Tinley Park, IL

I should have done this years ago! The lights are turned off, there is music playing, you’re covered with a blanket, you almost doze off and the procedure is over. No pain, no discomfort, just quick and easy. Dr. Mostowfi is so gentle you won’t feel much at all. Don’t wait any longer, do it now.
Paul B-Lockport, IL

I can’t stop telling everyone I know how easy this was. I still can’t believe there was no pain and the whole process only took 20 minutes. Thank you Dr Mostowfi.
Ed B-Lombard, IL

I was so impressed with the care and soothing atmosphere at Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago. Dr. Mostowfi Treated myself as one of his own. NO PAIN! NO KIDDING! FAST, EASY, and WORRY FREE! I will recommend Dr. Mostowfi to all who consider this procedure. Thank you so much Dr. Mostowfi, NO MORE WORRIES!
Gabriel-Caledonia, WI

Thank you Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri for providing such a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for a procedure that, lets face it, we’re all a little uncomfortable about. You provide a very relaxed and yet, very professional atmosphere that made the procedure a pleasant experience. The doctor does such a good job making you feel at ease that it’s over before you realize it. No pain and I was working the day after! Thanks again.
Michael J.-Dixon, IL

When I first decided to have this procedure done, I did my research as I was not actually excited about having a vasectomy based upon the stories that I have heard from my friends that have had it done. The stories of the pain, from the needles (especially having them used down there), to the ice packs, and bruising, did not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about having this performed. I made an appointment for the initial consultation with Dr. Mostowfi, and I was comfortable with what was going to be performed as he explained everything in great detail, and I was confident that it would be everything that he stated that it would be, and it was true. I made my appointment that day for the procedure, and 3 days later had the procedure performed. The procedure was completely painless, and was over before I knew it. No needles, ice packs, bruising, or soreness. It was everything that he promised that it would be. Why anyone would have this procedure done any other way would be beyond me! This method and Dr. Mostowfi is the way to go – you will have no regrets!
Greg B.-Morris, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! That pretty much sums up the whole procedure. From the time I sat down to the time I was on my way out the door was 30 minutes. There was not any point in time that I had even the slightest bit of discomfort. No ice, no frozen peas, no drugs, NO PAIN! I was able to relax the rest of the day and returned to work the next day. Thank you again to both Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri.
Greg P.-Cary, IL

Thank you for making this procedure so easy! From talking to Sheri and Dr. Mostowfi about the procedure ahead of time I was so relaxed I actually fell asleep in the few minutes between when I took the sedative and had the vasectomy done. No ice, not even a Tylenol was needed afterward. I felt like I could do anything I wanted to immediately afterward, but took it easy for a few days. Five days later, I am 100% back to my full activities and can’t tell anything was ever done. I’m on a mission to recruit some of my friends who are putting this off. Thanks again!
Pat S.-Milwaukee, WI

Dr. Mostowfi, As a Chicago Firefighter, I am comfortable with the dangers of my job, but I really don’t like needles or the anticipation of any type of surgery. When I was thinking of getting a vasectomy I was anxious about the experience. When I found your ad on the internet and your extended office hrs, it was a perfect match. I was in your waiting room and watched others walk out with a smile; it relieved a lot of my apprehensions. When it was my turn, it went so fast and painless. I still enjoyed a full day of normal activity without a hint of discomfort. Today I’m back at the firehouse, and while I will forego my normal workout, for the day, I’m in no discomfort. In fact I already recommended you to another fireman who will be calling your office Monday morning. Thanks
Lew B.-Chicago, IL

Doctor Mostowfi, I would like to post the following testimonial on your website. Thank you. I recently had this procedure performed by Doctor Mostowfi. It was virtually painless and expedient. Dr. Mostowfi puts you at ease with classical music and has the surgery completed in less than a half hour. I experienced no pain during the surgery, after the surgery and the day after that. I could have gone to work the same day. I highly recommend Doctor Mostowfi if you are contemplating having a Vasectomy. I did not think it would be this easy. All that worrying for nothing! Thanks Doctor Mostowfi.
Patrick S.-Orland Park, IL

I was just blown away at how painless the procedure was. Dr. Mostowfi did everything possible to make me comfortable and put my mind at ease before, during and afterwards. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Mostowfi, I just wanted to personally thank you for a very pleasurable experience. You and your staff were exactly right as far as this procedure being a very simple and pain-free experience. I highly recommend you to all of my friends. Best Regards
Robert A.-Barrington, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, Just wanted to say “Thank You!” I did my research and after my consultation with you I felt very comfortable with everything. The surgery was quick and easy. I returned to work 10 hours later with no pain. As others have said, there is NO PAIN and yes I too found myself dozing off. In and out in about 30 minutes. Dr. Mostowfi is incredible. Just wish I did it sooner. Thanks again
Dave K.-Aurora, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri, I’m not sure where to start. From the minute I walked into your office I was made to feel extremely comfortable. The time and concern you demonstrated to me was beyond words. As I was apprehensive to the procedure as are most men. You took the time to assure me that I would be ok and that the experience was very simple and painless. Let me just say that without a doubt you were 100 percent correct. I felt NOTHING, no pain whatsoever. I would do it again in a blink of an eye. I, without question, recommend this procedure to everyone that is ready for this. It will be the easiest experience you could ever imagine. Thank you once again.
Chris P.-Romeoville, IL

This is it! If you are going to have the procedure done, this is the place. This site explains everything, and it is 100% true and accurate. The doctor is fantastic! I figured a doctor specializing in vasectomies would be a urologist, but he is not. His background is in trauma surgery! I, as well as everyone else – not just these testimonials, but everyone who has been through the procedure – can attest that there is NO pain, and NO discomfort! And if you come out of the procedure saying there was, then you’re a girl, and had the wrong procedure done – go and get your hysterectomy! Doctor Mostowfi is the best – a class act as well as his staff. The hardest part to the whole procedure is scheduling it to get it done and then walking into the office. They have done their part by providing multiple locations for convenience. Don’t be an idiot and regret a decision to have it done somewhere else. Save yourself a headache, and make the call now! You won’t regret it! Thank You, Dr. Mostowfi, and your fantastic staff. You are the BEST! Had the procedure done 36 hours ago and was back to work that afternoon after the procedure, no lie!

Add me to the list of amazed customers! I had it done 2 days ago and feel like he must have missed something because it was almost too easy! I asked twice after the procedure if he got everything because it really was pain free. I feel minor discomfort when wearing jeans, but Tylenol makes it go away. I had the procedure at 2:30 pm and was back to work at 8 the next day. Dr. Mostowfi makes you feel very relaxed and I’m spreading the news to all my friends. Hard to believe all of the testimonials, but they are 100% true. Thanks, doc!
Paul W.-Frankfort, IL

I was extremely pleased with the whole experience – from the consultation, scheduling an appointment and the procedure itself. They are as good as advertised!
Richard A.-Riverside, IL

So I just finished my vasectomy an hour ago and was completely blown away at how simple the procedure actually was. Last night I read all the testimonials and they all sounded way too good to be true. I was sooo nervous going in, and Dr. Mostowfi did a great job calming me down. I actually fell asleep for the last fifteen minutes of the procedure. When he woke me up and said it’s all finished, I thought he was joking. I have absolutely no pain and feel like an idiot for getting so worked up about this procedure for the last few days. Although I don’t think it’s possible for any guy to not be apprehensive when they’re having a procedure “down there” my advice would be to take a deep breath, get to the office a little early so Sheri can talk to you and ease any concerns. Thank you Dr. Mostowfi and staff.
Allen T.-Park Ridge, IL

After a few years of procrastination and dread about getting a vasectomy, I finally took the leap, and after experiencing how painless and comfortable it was, I wish I would have done it sooner! Dr. Mostowfi and his team are awesome! There was no pain and they really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. The procedure took about 20 minutes and I was able to return to work the next day without any problems. I highly recommend Dr. Mostowfi! Thanks again!
Mark P.-South Elgin, IL

After the birth of our son, my wife and I agreed that I would get a vasectomy. I was going to find a urologist, then I heard about VCC on the radio and checked out this website. I was a little apprehensive, but optimistic about the no scalpel, no needles procedure. It sounded good to me. I went in for my consultation and Dr. Mostowfi was reassuring and thorough about the procedure. He even showed how the no-needle anesthesia works. The day of my procedure, the patient before me said, “piece of cake” and gave me the thumbs up. That was reassuring too. Then it was my turn. The classical music was playing, and Dr. Mostowfi made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I felt about a half dozen “puffs” of the anesthetic device, and then I tried to drift into the music as I felt the procedure begin. To me, the only amount of pain I felt during the procedure was as if a hair was being pulled out. The whole procedure went by quickly – 15-20 min. The ride home was fine, just a little discomfort, nothing to register as pain. I took one Tylenol, and I had no pain. I went to work the next day. I have been protecting myself, especially from my 3-year-old, as I have been healing. Otherwise, life has been pretty normal and I have had no downtime. You will be as surprised as I was about the accuracy of the testimonials.
Dan P.-Round Lake, IL

I had my procedure today, and if it was not for the dressing, I would not even know I had it done. I am experiencing zero discomfort. I donate blood on a regular basis. Believe it or not, there is more pain involved with giving blood than with this procedure. Take your hand and roll your testicles around for a few minutes. That’s what it feels like. No pain at all. It was over before I knew it, and Dr. Mostowfi makes you feel so comfortable. There was no anxiety. I am sorry I put it off for so long. Thank you so much.
Bob S.-Ingleside, IL

I entered the thought of a vasectomy with a little apprehension, but Dr. Mostowfi and his staff were amazingly comforting and reassuring. There was no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure, and the entire visit took under an hour. I was amazed at how simple and effective the entire process was.
Paul- Chicago Western Suburbs, IL

I just had the procedure done yesterday. WOW! It couldn’t have been any easier and pain free. Dr. Mostowfi was the best. If I had known before how easy this would be I would have had it done a lot sooner. I will recommend him to anyone that is looking. I am just over 24 hours from having the procedure done and I have not felt any pain and it has not restricted me in my job at all.
Steve O.-Earlville, IL

Man, what a piece of cake! Yes, I was a little nervous before the procedure, like most people would be. I have to tell you honestly, that it was so simple and so easy I couldn’t believe it. The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes at the most. I walked out fine and went home! I rested up that night and had very minimal tenderness, which went away quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Mostowfi. He’s a great doctor and a really good guy!
Jeff-New Lenox, IL

It is the day after the vasectomy and everything is well. The entire process was very quick and pain free. You always hear the problems that other people have had at other places, but I feel fine. Thank you Dr. Mostowfi.
Erich S.-Crown Point, IN

Just wanted to let anyone who is considering getting a vasectomy from Dr. Mostowfi know how easy and pain-free the procedure is. I would have fallen asleep if it hadn’t been over so soon. Thanks for making it so easy.
David C.-Chicago, IL

The procedure was completely painless and I’m almost embarrassed that I was so nervous about it beforehand. I had slight discomfort (not pain) and slight swelling for the first week, but was able to work every day. At the end of the week I called the doctor and he told me to take Ibuprofen for 2 days and I’d be completely healed. He was right!

I had my procedure on this past Monday and I was sure that on Tuesday I would have at least a little soreness or pain. I feel NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. No pain, tenderness or soreness. I have taken no pain medication – AT ALL.
Robert L-Monster, IN

Dear Dr. Mostowfi It was a wonderful experience to have the procedure done by you. No pain whatsoever and a very comfortable experience. I was nervous after hearing stories from my friends who had done regular vasectomy (done using a scalpel). This was very minimally invasive and does not even feel as if a procedure was done! Thank you so much once again for this wonderful experience. Very best wishes to you and your vasectomy clinics.
Ravi I.-Lake In The Hills, IL

Thank you and your staff for the painless procedure. I was listening to the radio and heard your ad. My wife made an appointment and within a week the procedure was complete. The doctor explained everything. I went home had a good night sleep and woke up in the morning and wasn’t even nervous about the procedure. I was in the office a total of 35 minutes from the time my wife and I signed in. I went home and painted for 5 hours around the house. Thanks again and I told all my friends about Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago.
David J.- Indiana

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, A vasectomy is something my wife and I had joked about for sometime. I never really gave it serious thought. Then my wife had a complication with the form of birth control she was using, it was an IUD, which required surgery. It was a very serious complication that could have led to the loss of her life. After that experience I gave a vasectomy some serious thought. After much research I settled on Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago. I was a little apprehensive regarding the procedure. However, after meeting with you all my worries evaporated. The procedure was quick and painless. I have to say, my 22-month-old daughter causes 100% more pain. I felt so good after the procedure I even took a stroll with my wife and daughter along the beach. Thank you.
Jeremy S.-Cicero, IL

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Mostowfi and the staff. I have long considered a vasectomy, but never thought about actually going through with the procedure. The consultation helped relax me and I was given the information to make an informative decision. The procedure was short, sweet, and painless. Sure there was a feeling of soreness, but I was able to function normally (with restrictions of course) right after surgery. Thank you again. I’d recommend Dr. Mostowfi to anyone considering the procedure.
Marcus A.-Chicago Heights, IL

You can add me to your list of satisfied customers! I had my vasectomy performed yesterday afternoon, less than 24 hours ago and I feel great! I can’t believe I waited this long to have it done. Fellas, don’t worry about it, having a cavity filled hurts more than this does!
Ted G.-Clarendon Hills, IL

I would like to thank Dr. Mostowfi and his staff for making my experience a relaxed and painless procedure. I was out of the office in 30 minutes and back to work in a couple of days.
Mark-Orland Park, IL

I had wanted a vasectomy for years, but kept putting it off because of my own fears of pain and discomfort. Well, I can honestly say that Dr. Mostowfi’s no-scalpel no-needle procedure is really as painless as he advertises! The procedure was that quick and painless! If I had known it was this quick and easy, I would have gotten my vasectomy years ago! Thank you Dr. Mostowfi! I look forward to many years of sterility and peace of mind!
Julian C.-Bolingbrook, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, Just as you advertised, my procedure was quick and painless and I was back to work that afternoon. I had no pain or discomfort afterwards. Thanks.
Rich R.-Brookfield, IL

Dr. Mostowfi: After having put off a vasectomy for years, I am so glad to have found your clinic! The procedure was virtually painless and my only regret is waiting so long to have it done! Your staff was very professional and courteous and made me as comfortable as could be! I do some very heavy lifting in my job, and Dr. Mostowfi said that it would not affect the procedure, but would require some extra rest time afterwards. I returned to work after the suggested rest period, and I haven’t had a single problem! Thanks, Dr. Mostowfi! Although I am typically a very private person, I was so pleased at my results that most of the men I work with know about my vasectomy. I have recommended this procedure to so many of them, who have completed their families that some think I must be making a commission! Thanks again, doc!
Michael N.-Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Mostowfi and Sherry, I waited about a week to write and thank you for everything because I was still waiting for the pain after the procedure. It never came. It’s amazing. Sorry I didn’t believe you at first. For those of you reading this in the testimonials on the website, you are either getting some information or you have an appointment and the Dr. suggested you read these. In my case I read them after the appointment was done. I thought they were a little exaggerated, I mean, having surgery on a man’s main weakness, you have to feel some discomfort right? Wrong! I didn’t feel any. I’m still amazed. Good luck to you. You’re either going to or have made a great decision.
Tony Q.-Chicago, IL

Dr. Mostowfi, As I mentioned to you, several neighbors had bad experiences with their vasectomies. I really did not want to do it. But then I heard your radio ad. I thought about it for a few weeks. When I decided to come to see you for the initial consult, I still had not committed to the procedure. You explained everything so well, and made me feel so comfortable with it; I was ready to do it right then and there. My wife thought I was crazy to schedule this based on a radio ad. You know what they say – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But I felt really good about having you do it. And I was right! This time it wasn’t too good to be true. I was so relaxed and calm. It couldn’t have been easier. I’ve had worse experiences and more pain at the dentist office. Thank you and Sheri for being so pleasant and easy to deal with.
Jeff C.-La Grange, IL

A completely pain free experience from beginning to end. I never even needed an aspirin. I feel foolish for the anxiety I gave myself before getting it over with.
Kevin S.-Frankfort, IL

Dr. Mostowfi – just a quick note to thank you and your great staff! Your PAIN FREE, same-day procedure exceeded my expectations. I was surprised at how quickly you completed the procedure and how little recovery time was needed to get back to my busy schedule. Your spa, I mean clinic, is the best! Best Wishes and thank you again!
Mr. DeU-Algonquin, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, From the first day of my consultation to the day of the procedure everything was just great. You took the time to explain in detail every aspect of the procedure. A week has gone by and to this point I have not felt any pain or discomfort. Two family members who had the regular vasectomy procedure went to my house to make fun of seeing me laying in a chair with a pack of ice between my legs like they were, but got very surprised to see me walking and sitting or getting up like nothing had happened. Thank you and your staff for making the procedure a very pleasant experience. For those considering a vasectomy procedure I highly recommend Dr. Mostowfi; you will not be disappointed.
A. Vazquez-Chicago, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, Your procedure is like being at a spa. The music and warm room temperature practically put me to sleep. I was surprised it was over so quickly. There was no discomfort, and I have had none afterwards. Anxieties I had about the procedure were completely mistaken. Thanks kindly.
Tom H.-Chicago

I just had the procedure at 6pm on Wednesday and WOW. There was no pain or discomfort. I returned to work the next morning. I have been taking it easy (light duty) and I’m still waiting for the pain. I’m very impressed and will HIGHLY recommend you to anyone who asks.
Jim R.-Lake Zurich, IL

I had the operation today at 3 p.m., and within minutes I was relaxed, painless and out of the clinic. I was quite nervous beforehand, but the calming music and friendliness of the staff washed that right away. Another thing I had been worried about when getting the operation was the pain. I had heard horror stories about how painful it was. Well I have a 3-year-old daughter and trust me, she can inflict more pain in that area just wrestling around with her than the whole time during the operation! It was virtually painless. Highly recommended! No ifs ands or buts about it. Thanks a lot.
Nathan H.-Elkhorn, WI

I was flying back from a vacation to Florida with my girlfriend in my plane at 6,000 feet over Bowling Green, KY when I tuned in WBBM 780 and first heard the commercial. I had not previously thought to have the procedure. Two days later I met with Dr. Mostowfi who explained the procedure. Five days after that I had the procedure. It was painless, covered by insurance, and something I should have done years ago!
D.M.-Naperville, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri, I am now a believer. I am writing this 1 day after my procedure and I am still waiting for the pain to kick in. Sheri kept telling me, “no pain, I promise” I kept thinking, “that’s what you tell everyone until they go home and are miserable for 3 days.” Thank you Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri for going out of your way to make me feel comfortable. And you were right, I have no pain.
Tim M.-McHenry, IL

I had my vasectomy about two weeks ago and I have to say, as skeptical as I was, the procedure was as painless as the doctor promised. I am a garbage man and had it done on a Saturday and took Monday off and went back to work on a Tuesday. I never felt any pain and from day one could have returned to work on that Monday. I recommend it to any one who has wanted to have it done but is skeptical. This is the way to go. Thanks doc.
Matt V.-Tinley Park, IL

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had having a vasectomy at your clinic. The initial consultation was great and the surgery was a breeze. No pain at all. It was quicker than I thought. The surgery lasted 20-30 minutes. I would recommend Dr. Mostowfi to anyone that wanted to have a vasectomy. Thanks.
Tim W.-Oak Park, IL

Thanks so much for making my vasectomy so easy! I’m usually very nervous about any kind of medical procedures, but I felt completely at ease with Dr. Mostowfi. Everything went so smoothly — my wife even took me out to dinner afterwards!
Stu H-Lansing, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi, I want to thank you for making this process so simple and easy! I have been putting this off for a couple of years because I have heard so many horror stories about getting snipped from friends. When I heard your commercial on the radio explaining the no needle, no scalpel process I finally made the call. I couldn’t believe I was in and out of your office in less than 30 minutes. I felt nothing and had no issues after the procedure. Not even a frozen bag of peas. I drove myself home, got up the next day and went to work without incident. I’m actually sorry I stressed out about this for so long. I experienced a lot of wasted energy before I heard of your services. Several of my friends are calling to have this done for them. Thanks again for making this so easy and stress free!
Mitchell P.-Prospect Heights, IL

I can’t believe I procrastinated for so long. The procedure performed by Dr. Mostowfi is totally painless. I practically fell asleep during the surgery. I had minor discomfort, but I was good enough to come home and help the wife cook dinner as if nothing had happened. I was back at work the next day. Thank you, Dr. Mostowfi
Jose C.-Gurnee, IL

I knew that I wanted to have a vasectomy done about a year ago. Although I’m no stranger to pain, I knew nothing about the procedure or risk involved. After being blessed with a healthy baby boy, I decided it was time to shut the factory down, so to speak! I set up a consultation with Dr. Mostowfi. What he described to me seemed to be unbelievably easy and virtually painless, so one week later, guess what? It was just that – easy and painless. I was so comfortable I actually fell asleep during the procedure and woke to the lovely face of Sheri after which we shared a laugh. I couldn’t have asked for a more courteous and knowledgeable team, OUTSTANDING! I highly recommend Dr. Mostowfi. If you’re unsure about anything, he’ll gladly put you at ease.
Ransley D.-Beach Park, IL

Dr. Mostowfi is the “V” King! The comfort I felt from my first phone call to 312-528-9068 until I walked out of the Diversey Ave office was awesome. I was more comfortable with Sheri and Dr. Mostowfi than I have ever been with my family physician of 20 years. The procedure is painless. The aftermath discomfort I always heard about is NON-EXISTENT! Friends of mine that have had typical vasectomies told me that I was making a mistake trying this new procedure. They all can’t believe the shape I am in and the pep I have. They are the ones that made the mistake by going with, what is in my book, the Neanderthal way of snipping. I will recommend Dr. Mostowfi to any one of my friends who wants to get a vasectomy. They should call him Dr. No Pain ‘cause that is what it was!
Rick N.-River Grove, IL

Dear Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri, Thanks so much for the fast and painless vasectomy; I am still amazed that it was so fast and easy. I could have went to work that same day as the pain never came. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Tom B.-Lowell, IN

I found that having my vasectomy done using the no-needle, no-scalpel method was totally pain-free. There was no discomfort during the process, which took about 30 minutes, and I didn’t have any down time afterwards. No ice, no soreness. I was back in business in a matter of a few days. I would recommend Dr. Mostowfi for anyone who is reluctant to undergo this procedure because of fear of pain.
John C.-Round Lake Beach, IL

No pain no problems whatsoever thank you Dr. Mostowfi. My wife says it’s the best anniversary present I’ve given her.
Tim H.-Dolton, IL

When my wife and I had our second child, because of our age and health issues, it was clear that one of us needed to have a permanent procedure to prevent another pregnancy. After the birth of our daughter, I didn’t want my wife to go through the physical trauma of tubal ligation so I elected to have a vasectomy. I was initially uncomfortable with this due to the experience that a cousin of mine had with his operation, but when I heard about the no scalpel, no needle procedure, I wanted to learn more about it. Dr. Mostowfi and his assistant Sheri were very informative, courteous and professional. The actual procedure went so well I am now trying to convince a friend in a similar situation to the one I was in to do it also.
Jerald M.-Chicago, IL

I highly recommend this clinic to anybody who does not want to feel pain. I was so nervous going into this but the doc made me feel so much better and it actually did not hurt one bit before and even, more importantly, afterwards! If anyone wants to call me for a testimonial, feel free.
Chris T.-La Moille, IL

OK guys here’s the deal: I was very apprehensive about this whole thing. I heard about this place, checked out their website, and made an appointment for a consultation. I was quite impressed. Bottom line: getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist is harder than this! It took less than 30 minutes. Additionally, Dr. Mostowfi and Sheri are just terrific people. I’ve highly recommended this place to my friends.
Steve J.-Orland Park, IL

I recently had a vasectomy and it was a very comfortable procedure, with virtually no pain. After the procedure Dr. Mostowfi showed me the instruments and how they were used during the operation. I was very satisfied with his procedure and would recommend this to anyone interested in getting a vasectomy.
Carl J.-Genoa, WI

I wanted to write and thank you. I am still amazed that I haven’t felt any discomfort after the procedure or experienced any swelling. I easily could have returned to work that same day. I have recommended your clinic to my brother in law who has been considering the procedure. Thanks again.
D. S.-Freeport, IL

I just had a vasectomy performed at vasectomy clinics. I did not feel any pain during this procedure at all. I was put at ease during my consultation by a detailed explanation of the process and the opportunity to ask any questions that came to mind. No scalpel, no needle, and no pain was a reality for me. Thank You.
Derek B.-Clarendon Hills, IL

I heard many horror stories and was reluctant to have the procedure done by anyone. After my consultation, my mind was put at ease. The procedure was almost painless (slight pinch and that was it) and quick. I went home, no ice packs, no pain, and was back to work the next day. Dr. Mostowfi is the only person I would recommend to anyone wanting this procedure.
Matthew B.-Lindenhurst, IL

I recently had the procedure done and it was incredible. I was comfortable, relaxed and, best of all ,the surgery, if you want to call it that, was PAIN-FREE. I could not believe how easy it was. I think the whole process took 20 minutes, if that. Dr. Mostowfi and his staff were great. Thank you so much.
Dwain G.-Chicago, IL

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