Chris B. – Batavia, IL

After 2 years of going to different doctors for consultations, I finally went to Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago. I had my third consultation in 2 years and set a surgery date. Twice I cancelled the surgery. All I kept hearing was terrible stories of vasectomy surgeries gone wrong. Stories of pain, month-long recoveries, etc. Finally in December 2009 (the day before my birthday) I had the surgery done. I almost cancelled the day of the surgery. All week I was thinking about cancelling, but I showed up. The doctor was the only person in the room and he made me feel very comfortable. We began talking and he began the procedure. I never felt a thing. I knew he was performing the procedure, but never once felt pain. The procedure was over in 20 minutes and I was out the door. Now, my procedure was done on a Monday at 10 am and I was back to lifting heavy weights in the gym by Wednesday morning. I had no pain, no bleeding, no discomfort. There was no need for ice or to take pain medication!

I was nervous when I got home. Was it going to hurt to go to the bathroom or take a shower? Not at all. I am telling you, no pain. The only thing I had was a little bruising/tenderness at the point of entry 2-3 days after the surgery, and it only lasted 1-2 days. By Saturday I was back doing heavy legs squats in the gym.

I have told everyone how easy this was. Anyone who is thinking about having this procedure done, go with Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago.

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