Curtis C. – Huntley, IL

I’ve done quite a bit of research on vasectomy methods and different clinics before choosing Dr. Mostowfi.

Here are my findings and the reason I chose Dr. Mostowfi’s clinic:

1. No-needle anesthesia AND No-scalpel vasectomy is the way to go. There are tons of information on this method on the internet. Biggest benefit is NO PAIN and faster recovery (I went back to work next day). After having this procedure and comparing it to others who did the traditional (needle and scalpel) method, I would, without a doubt, recommend the No-needle and No-scalpel method.

2. Dr. Mostowfi has extensive experience with vasectomy. You want to find a doctor who specializes in and has years of hands-on experience doing vasectomy.

3. Dr. Mostowfi’s clinic offered a very relaxing environment, which I felt very comfortable in. A clinic’s ambiance is key to making you relax.

4. Dr. Mostowfi was very informative and took time to answer all questions. His personality just made you feel comfortable and reassured that there was nothing to worry about.

The entire procedure took 20 minutes, and pain? What pain? I did NOT even feel discomfort. Silly as it may sound, I would compare the discomfort of this procedure to brushing your teeth.

I, without a doubt, recommend Dr. Mostowfi if you are considering getting vasectomy done.

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