Dr.P – Round Lake, IL

Sometimes I still find it hard to believe I have had my vasectomy. I feel no different, my sex life returned to normal (if not better) within a few days of the procedure, and the procedure (plus the recovery – if you can call it recovery) were so easy it seems like a distant memory.

There is very little discomfort either during or after the procedure. Dr Mostowfi is very professional and makes every effort to make his patients feel relaxed and comfortable. For example, during the procedure the lights are turned low, classical music plays, and he even tucks you in under a nice warm blanket! I literally almost fell asleep during my 15 minute procedure!

Do not put off having this procedure for fear of pain or embarrassment. You neither have any reason to be embarrassed nor be fearful.

Go ahead and call for an appointment; you will not be sorry. I am not.

I am truly a very happy patient.

Thanks Dr. Mostowfi.

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