Greg B.-Morris, IL

When I first decided to have this procedure done, I did my research as I was not actually excited about having a vasectomy based upon the stories that I have heard from my friends that have had it done. The stories of the pain, from the needles (especially having them used down there), to the ice packs, and bruising, did not leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling about having this performed. I made an appointment for the initial consultation with Dr. Mostowfi, and I was comfortable with what was going to be performed as he explained everything in great detail, and I was confident that it would be everything that he stated that it would be, and it was true.

I made my appointment that day for the procedure, and 3 days later had the procedure performed. The procedure was completely painless, and was over before I knew it. No needles, ice packs, bruising, or soreness. It was everything that he promised that it would be. Why anyone would have this procedure done any other way would be beyond me! This method and Dr. Mostowfi is the way to go – you will have no regrets!

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