Michael S. – Chicago, IL

I recently had my Vasectomy performed by Dr. Mostowfi. I really need for everyone reading to understand how apprehensive and nervous I was. I am here to tell you that the procedure was literally pain free. I probably endured more pain getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist than I did during Dr. Mostowfi’s vasectomy procedure. The friendly, relaxed office atmosphere put me at ease from the start. My work would have allotted me 10 paid days off to recuperate, but I returned to work the same night. The whole procedure was literally complete in 15 minutes and I had no pain or swelling afterward. I am truly glad that I did my homework and located Dr. Mostowfi or I am afraid that I would have had a much different story to tell as many others do. I authorized the Vasectomy Clinics of Chicago to give my number to anyone who has questions or worries about the procedure.

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