Rick N.-River Grove, IL

Dr. Mostowfi is the “V” King! The comfort I felt from my first phone call to 312-528-9068 until I walked out of the Diversey Ave office was awesome. I was more comfortable with Sheri and Dr. Mostowfi than I have ever been with my family physician of 20 years. The procedure is painless. The aftermath discomfort I always heard about is NON-EXISTENT! Friends of mine that have had typical vasectomies told me that I was making a mistake trying this new procedure. They all can’t believe the shape I am in and the pep I have. They are the ones that made the mistake by going with, what is in my book, the Neanderthal way of snipping.

I will recommend Dr. Mostowfi to any one of my friends who wants to get a vasectomy. They should call him Dr. No Pain ‘cause that is what it was!

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