Rick S. – Plainfield, IL

Please accept this email as my 100% unconditional endorsement of your practice.

Like anybody, I’m typically skeptical of many hyped “no-pain” types of advertising claims. Then I heard your ad. I’ve thought about having a vasectomy for three years, and this one sounded too good to be true. Then I checked out your excellent website – very thorough and helpful. Then I went for the initial consultation. Afterwards I had complete confidence in you and the procedure. I’m ready!

Yesterday (June 13th), I had the procedure – it is truly painless and your bedside manners are impeccable. The only reason I didn’t go back to work after the procedure was because my appointment ended at 3:15 PM!

So gentlemen, if your family is complete, you should look no further than Dr. Mostowfi. I wish all doctors took such a patient-centric approach to their practice!

Thanks and kindest regards

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