This is it! If you are going to have the procedure done, this is the place. This site explains everything, and it is 100% true and accurate. The doctor is fantastic! I figured a doctor specializing in vasectomies would be a urologist, but he is not. His background is in trauma surgery! I, as well as everyone else – not just these testimonials, but everyone who has been through the procedure – can attest that there is NO pain, and NO discomfort! And if you come out of the procedure saying there was, then you’re a girl, and had the wrong procedure done – go and get your hysterectomy! Doctor Mostowfi is the best – a class act as well as his staff. The hardest part to the whole procedure is scheduling it to get it done and then walking into the office. They have done their part by providing multiple locations for convenience. Don’t be an idiot and regret a decision to have it done somewhere else. Save yourself a headache, and make the call now! You won’t regret it!

Thank You, Dr. Mostowfi, and your fantastic staff. You are the BEST!

Had the procedure done 36 hours ago and was back to work that afternoon after the procedure, no lie!

6 Questions to ask your Insurance Company